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Things You Are Doing That Are KILLING Your Style-game

Hi Fortist folks,

Glad to have you back. In the last blog, we were talking about ways in which one can elevate their style. In this one, we would like to add to that and discuss the things that may or may not be hurting or jeopardizing your style. Here are 6 indicators that you or others might be experiencing. 

Tucking your T-shirt into your jeans/pants

One thing that you do not want to do as a style guru is to ensure that your T-shirt is not tucked in to your pants. Unless your shirt is a type of dress shirt intended to be tucked in (you can usually tell by how long the length of the shirt is) or the situation calls for it, you should not be doing so. Not only does it lack visual appeal, it would also make you look like you're a man from the 60s with no solid grasp of contemporary style. However, if you are one of many individuals who have no incentive to change how you appear and are satisfied with your current outlook, then by all means stick with what you're wearing. For those who want to make a change for the better, the sooner you take action, the better off you'll be. I'm sure individuals, whether male or female, who are attracted to you would like that too.

Wearing the wrong type of socks

Socks are often overlooked in realms of fashion, style and life in general. Because it is such a minor detail and therefore trivial, many people tend to do so. But, as you know, at Fortist, details matter because it is what makes you THAT much better than the individual sitting or standing next to you; it is the details that make a statement about who you are and your identity. Socks should complement the type of outfit you are wearing. For instance, if you are playing a type of field sport, wear sports socks. Not only does it look better visually (because it's stylistically consistent), but because it most likely also provides practical benefits to your gameplay. If you are in a suit and tie, wear dress socks. If you are reading this and you are more experienced in the realm of style, you may experiment with socks of different details and designs - like you do with ties. People around you are more aware than you think, and having the details properly executed provides a competitive advantage for you in the market. 


It doesn't matter how well-dressed, stylish or attractive you are - if you're not doing your hair or ensuring your hair is presentable enough, then you are not reaching your full potential. Of course, this depends on the type of hair you have - some people may naturally have a good set of hair or already have a solid foundation. Most of us, however, may need hair products to elevate their hairstyle. This goes back to the notion of being stylistically consistent - in order to be improve your overall image, it is essential to change not just one aspect of you that needs improvement, but everything including your hairstyle. Although you may not be used it initially, you will eventually get used to it and realize the importance of it to complement or even alleviate your outlook. Start experimenting with styles that are trending or that you know might be a good fit for you and take action. Don't know where to start? Check this article out. 

Worn out shoes

Shoes complete your wardrobe. A pair of shoes that are on your feet actually makes a huge different to the overall vibe that you are going for. For instance, if you are wearing a pair of dark washed jeans, just slapping on pair of dress shoes will complete your business-casual outfit. Conversely, if you wear sneakers with the same pair of jeans, then you can immediately go for the streetwear style. BUT... in order to have that choice, one must have shoes that are still usable. To keep your shoes usable, you need to keep your shoes in good condition. This means keeping them clean, shiny or free from scratches. Shoes that have been worn years may start to get worn out, and that usually is an indicator to dispose them, donate them and opt for an upgrade. Keeping your clothes and accessories and clothing is usually a good habit because it can be a reflection of your personality - one who is responsible, tidy, and self-aware. 

Body odour 

Remember gentleman, to keep your B.O. in check. Not only is it embarrassing for you as people across from you stare at you in disgust, but it's also detrimental to your dating game. Trust me, you'd be doing yourself a favour by having good body-odour as it makes you come across as clean. Once you have that down, you may also try men's fragrances. But, that topic is beyond this discussion so we'll reserve it for another time. It's really quite simple - use deodorant on a regular basis. 

Oversized/undersized clothing

Many brands like Zara intentionally go for oversized jackets because there's clearly a market for it. Unless that's your preference, we'd advice to reconsider and go for tapered clothing items and accessories, as suggested in the last blog. Because oversized clothing is currently a style trend, we'll make this an exception. UNDERSIZED clothing, however, is not excuse. If you have an athletic build, it's intuitive to go for clothing that showcases your hard work derived from the gym or other forms of sports. As such, you might go for skin-tight clothing. But, having a tailored piece of clothing is different from having an item that is too tight on you. If your clothes are undersized i.e. too tight, you'll not only come off as a huge d*****bag, but also likely a narcissist. 


So, let's do a quick recap of everything we just discussed:

1. Tucking your T-shirt into your jeans. It's a style sin because it's not visually appealing and stylish

2. Wearing the wrong type of socks. It's not only unstylish, but also impractical

3. Having a bad hairstyle. It jeopardizes your overall image and isn't stylistically consistent

4. Wearing worn-out shoes. Keep your shoes fresh, clean and/or shiny.

5. Bad body odour. Maintain your personal hygiene and invest in a deodorant

6. Wearing undersized clothing. It may come across as a narcissist.


That's all for today. Do you agree with our list? Let's get better together and together, we will thrive in realm of style. 

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