Must-have Women's Accessories for this Summer

Summer's around the corner. A season for you to wear what you love and express yourself in terms of style and fashion. It's the perfect season to be rocking your favourite outfits and show off that figure you've been working so hard for. Today, we want to talk about a few must-have accessories for this Summer. If this sounds interesting, let's dive right in!


1. Scarves

Summer is not always sun and only sun - it can get quite windy/breezy at times and especially in the night time. As such, be prepared to rock a scarf - something that will both elevate your style and keep you warm! Your scarf should not only fit you, but should also be comfortable, cozy and most of all lightweight. Scarves that are made of silk, lace or mesh knits are possibilities, with colours that are neutral and not too overwhelming. This will allow you to complement your outfits easier complete your outfit the way you like it! Scarves would be ideal to wear at the beach, or walking down the streets in your home city. 


2. Sunglasses

Our favourite. What better way to showcase your style than owning and wearing a pair of sunglasses? Makes a statement and protects your eyes from harmful sunlight - truly the best of both worlds. Puts a finishing touch your outfit. And you know...own multiple pairs for multiple occasions to find that best combination! Sunglasses are pretty much synonymous to Summer and sunshine, so you absolutely want to consider this in this fashion arsenal.


3. Wedge sandals 

Want the height and the comfort of regular shoes? Try the wedge sandals - functional and adds a few inches to you, making you appear taller and more presentable. You can rock these with your favourite casual separates or rock a more smart-casual look with a sleeveless floral dress (screams Summer), striped hat and stoned necklace. 


4. Spacious tote bag

No summer is complete without a spacious tote bag. Choose an oversized design that is ideal for beach trips and fills all your essentials items. This will be the bag to hold all your daily essentials and beauty products. Best choice for the beach? Wristlets. It's compact and ideal for carrying your phone, keys and other essentials. Solid colours are good - versatile and does the job. 


5. Necklace

Surround your neck with your favourite piece of necklace. Now's the time to wear it and expose it! Don't you feel empty without having a necklace? It's like something's missing between your face and your body. Rock your favorite necklace, whether it's a simple design, or something your family got you and rock it with pride. There's no better time than Summer to wear these and have people actually see it. Wear it with pride and complete your summer outfit.

 via @leiasfez

6. Wide Brim Hat

Covers the most amount of sunlight and looks boohoo-chic. The best of both worlds isn't it? Wear this to only complete your outfit but also act as an accessory to block sunlight, because that's exactly what it is. Neutral colours typically do the trick, and will elevate your summer outfit. You could even throw in some details on the hat, because details matter.

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