6 Unbelievably Simple Style Hacks Every Women Should Know

At Fortist, we’re all about the details and with good reason. The small things can make some serious changes to your look with very little effort.

Today, we’re going to look at few really simple but effective style hacks! 

1. Knot Too Shabby

Knot’s can really change the game for you once you get comfortable with them. Sometimes a little twist is what you need to spice your whole look up. A really simple way to do that is to just tie a knot to almost any top you have!

Image source : www.pinterest.com

That ‘outdoorsy girl’ look is a nice addition too!

2. Tucking it in

Loose on tight looks are just perfect. Whether its a pair of skinny jeans with an oversized shirt or a baggy shirt with some boyfriend jeans. Tucking your top in will always pull it off.

 For an effortless look, you can even get creative with it by tucking in only the front. It’ll add a gorgeous little flair to your look!

3. Rolls & Cuffs

To add that extra detail to a top, you can always roll the sleeves. It does wonders for sweaters and blouses too. Sleeve rolls aren’t just for shirts!

 A couple ways to cuff your sleeves for tops :

  • The ‘Pull’

A light pull on the sleeve that’s high enough to see your wrist is a small but major cuff move.  

  • The ‘Casual’ Cuff

For that casual look, you can always go with a J.crew fold. A normal roll, followed with a small end of the hem sticking out.


Image source : https://www.whowhatwear.com/

  • The ‘I Woke Up Like This ’ Roll

Basically a simple roll with semi-loose folds that ends just below your elbows. 

4. Color blocking & Pairing  

The best way to revive a dead wardrobe is to mix & match but with a little technical trick.

Get yourself a simple color wheel like this off the internet and just refer to it whenever you’re dressing up.

 You can pair your clothes according to complementary colors, opposite colors or by stacking the shades.


Watch your wardrobe coming back from the dead as you get better at it.

5. Accessorize

This simple idea is a genuine life-saver when you’re desperate.

 Every woman already has this but most personal collections aren’t well equipped as it should be.

Start getting ‘convenient’ accessories and never ever run out of outfit ideas.

Basically start buying and collecting accessories that coordinate really well independently of the outfit.

Try and think of it in sets.

Maybe it’s an all-gold bracelet, thin chain necklaces and a few rings, a ring and a earring, or just the ring!

Small details really make a difference and you can easily take advantage of that. 

6. Patterns & textures

 Even just messing around with this can easily take your fashion game to new levels.

Some basic patterns and textures are :

  • Stripes
  • Floral
  • Checkered
  • Plaid 

Don’t worry about getting pro with the terms because it’s a whole other rabbit hole so just play around with it and you’ll start to look ‘sophisticated’ in no time.

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